About the Brand

What is a Day Worker?

The American day worker embodies the ways of the old west. A day worker is a jack of all trades, they are the person you call when you need extra work done but know you won’t have time in your day to make it happen on your own. They can string a fence tighter than a bull’s ass, they can process an alley full cattle in a matter of minutes, they will find a stray in a patch of jumping cholla and never have a complaint. They enjoy their job and will jump at the opportunity to spend the day in the wide-open spaces with nothing but a good horse and their favorite pair of fencin’ pliers, listening to the sounds of the Great Creator. A day worker knows their worth and will prove it to you time and time again.

About our brand-

Day Workin’ Gear is a hairbrained idea that was born from frustration and a good joke. It all started when an inexperienced 20 something year old came to work on the ranch for a few days, after a rumor ran through the neighborhood. Rumor had it Joe (mastermind of Day Workin’ Gear) had left the ranch to be a day worker and would be able to assist any of the neighbors whenever they needed him (he had not), although he is always happy to help a neighbor in need. The kid who was hired to help was supposed to be helping to ensure that a trench was to grade, of course him being smarter than the experienced equipment operator decided he should argue whether the grade was correct. When asked to take a pace in between measurements he asked, “What is a pace?” This is when Joe turned to his other hand and stated, “I’d rather be day workin’.” That little phrase started quite the joke amongst friends and started being used any time a person was not enjoying what they were doing that day.

About a year later a sleep deprived, night calving Joe created his first drawing of “Day Workin’ Dan.” In the 50 days it took to calve out first calf heifers’ numerous drawings were created on a yellow legal pad. A year after, “Day Workin’ Dan” was brought to life by a friend and artist Elizabeth Owen. Elizabeth was able to turn the legal pad stick figure drawings into everything we could have ever dreamed of. With Elizabeth’s drawings, our good friend Amanda Holtzclaw was able to begin designing the apparel line. Stevie (undermind of Day Workin’ Gear) took some part in all of this, mostly running around worried about logistics and overthinking the whole process. Many design changes, curse words, and laughs have brought us here, selling you a good laugh and a buttery soft shirt.

We hope you enjoy our product and take the time to chuckle at this wonderful life we live as stewards of the land, feeding America one beef at a time.